What To Know About Your Tankless Water Heater

To ensure optimal performance and efficiency, tankless water heater needs to be cleaned once every six months. It’s a simple maintenance process that doesn’t need special skills and only last few minutes.

Tankless Water Heater Replacement Services: Unit Draining and Filter Cleaning

  • 1. Before you get started, close the manual gas shutoff valve.

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  • 2. Turn off power to the unit and wait couple of seconds. Turn on again.
  • 3. Wait 30 seconds, and then turn off power to the unit
  • 4. Close the inlet water valves, but if you have an easy-link or a multi-unit system, you’ll need to close the inlet and outlet water valves to isolate the heater.
  • 5. Drain water from all hot water taps in the house
  • 6. Collect water from the unit’s drain plugs using a bucket or pan. If there are no isolation valves, unscrew the two drain plugs to drain all the water out of the unit
  • 7. Give it a few minutes to ensure water has completely drained from the unit
  • 8. Clean the air filter, which is located within the cold inlet. Use a small brush to clean the water filter of any debris, which may have accumulated. Rinse the filter if necessary and reinsert it back into the cold-water inlet
  • 9. Securely screw the drain plugs back into place (hand-tighten only)
  • 10. Close the panel back up and turn the unit back on

Maintenance is necessary, but for serious issues, consider tankless water heater replacement services.


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