Your New Garage Door Installation

When you purchase a new garage door, you may have some knowledge of garage door installation and want to do the job yourself. If this is the case, you should have a small team of two or three people to help ensure a safe and secure installation. There are a few steps involved in this process, including removing the old garage door by referring to the instruction manual that came with it in order to prevent damage to the track.

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You want to take caution while removing old springs from the assembly to prevent injury. The next step may include two panels that need to be removed in order to install the new track that comes with the new door. Your garage door installation job can be quick and painless if you prepare and plan out the job ahead of time. Installing your new door can be completed by you if you follow the instruction operation manual from the manufacturer.

You may need to get a few tools in order to complete this task such as a level for an evenly balanced install. If you need assistance, you can call a professional for advice with your garage door installation.


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