The Ins and Outs of Operating a Pumping Service

To ensure your septic system is healthy and functional, consider these important maintenance tasks, which involve cleaning, treating, and pumping service.

1.Proper and regular Pumping will help prevent the accumulation of solids in their system. Consult with your technician to find out how long it will take to hire a septic tank pumping service.

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2.High-Pressure Water Jetting is recommended once responsible pumping is achieved to ensure your system is operating efficiently. This is because septic systems, especially the drain pipes are susceptible to solid build-up and other debris accumulation that clogs the pipe.

3.Install and Effluent Filter whenever you service your septic system. The filter is responsible for blocking solids from entering your drain field. So, ensure it’s cleaned or replaced to have your system operating optimally.

4.Use a live organic bacteria additive to break down inorganic compounds like chemicals and cleaners, that often enter your septic system. These effluents destroy naturally occurring bacteria that help to break down and decompose solid waste. Consider introducing bacteria additives into your system to keep your pipes clean and clear, and your septic system running efficiently.

How to Protect Your Septic System

  • Avoid flushing things down the toilet
  • Don’t pour chemicals and cleaners down the drain
  • Have your rainwater drainage close to your drainfield
  • Ensure to maintain your drainfield
  • Ensure you conduct regular maintenance

Hire a professional cleanup service to handle the mess. .

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