What To Consider When Choosing Paint

Best paint for baby crib

We want our children to be safe no matter where they are in the world, but especially in their very own homes. The home should be a harbor for children, a place where they are guaranteed safety and security. So it’s important that the type of paint you choose for their rooms and the spaces they most often occupy is child-safe.

Baby safe paint for cribs is hugely important, as babies do not know what should or should not go in their mouths. Small children will often chew crib bars, risking exposure to contaminants if baby safe paint for cribs is not used. Some types of paints can contain VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. For most people, volatile organic compounds over a certain level (500 ppb) can cause uncomfortable side affects, especially for people with chemical sensitivities. For people like this, or populations that are typically more sensitive to chemicals like small children, low VOC paint is the best option. Low VOC paint can be used as paint for decks, paint for the nursery, for painting a porch, and for painting floors. The options are endless and the use of such a paint can increase the pleasure of living in home that uses it, as there is less risk of the chemical sensitivities of the people who live, visit, and spend time there becoming aggravated.

When buying a home, redecorating, or renovating, it’s important to take into account your health. For example, buying a home with older floors can actually be beneficial, as volatile organic compounds can actually evaporate out of paint. If your floors have been around for awhile, chances are that they’re at a lower concentration of VOCs now than when they were initially installed. If you’re installing a new floor, however, it’s in your best interests to choose a low VOC or organic option.

Decoration and aesthetic is an important part of making your house feel like a home. When choosing baby safe paint for cribs, it’s also crucial to think about color choice as well. Which crib pain color best suits your child? Which is their favorite? Which will make them feel most comfortable. The same goes for the rest of the house. It’s actually been found that painting a bathroom blue will increase its market value considerably. And a neutral color palette is recommended for people in the process of redecorating their homes.

It’s important to consider both safety and style when redecorating your home. From baby safe paint for cribs to the color of your bathroom walls, you want your home to not only be safe and secure but feel inviting to all the visit it.

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