4 Types of Landscaping Work That Adds Resale Value

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If you’re looking to increase the resale value of your property, it’s wise to consider contacting a landscaping company. In fact, statistics from Money Magazine found that work done by landscapers can recover 100-200% of its value when it comes time to sell. You’ve most likely heard about the many ways that landscaping can improve the value of your property. However, it’s understandable to be unaware of which types of landscaping work provide the highest increase in resale value. With that in mind, here are four landscaping tasks that can help increase the resale value of your property.

  1. Take Care of Problematic Areas

    Before determining the type of landscaping design you’ll want, it’s wise to start looking at problematic areas of your yard. For instance, your yard may have spots where plants have withered away or grass that has been dead for a long time. These spots can become glaring flaws for people who are looking at your home. Considering that, it’s best to have a landscaping company come to your location and treat these areas.
  2. Layout a New Lawn

    One of the most popular landscaping design options is to lay out an entirely new lawn. You don’t want to have a lawn that is filled with patches of dead or dying grass, especially when trying to sell a property. Considering that, laying out new sod is a great way to have a lawn that is fully green and appears to be full of life. In fact, statistics show that proper landscaping can quicken the sale of a property by as much as six weeks.
  3. Give Your Yard More Color

    Another reason many people call a landscaping design company is to increase the overall color of their respective yards. You’ll find that a landscaping company can help ensure your yard is full of the right colors. It’s important to not go too overboard when the arrives to brighten up your yard. Considering that, it’s best to stick with one or two color palettes to avoid going overboard. Having too many colors throughout your yard might end up scaring away potential buyers.
  4. Trim Plants Down to a Manageable Size

    If you’re wanting to go the extra mile to sell your property, it’s time to considering trimming or pruning any plants you currently have. It’s important that potential buyers see your listing as one that is beautiful without requiring a lot of maintenance work. A landscaping company can help ensure that all plants are properly pruned before the time to sell your property arrives. A recent study from Clemson University found that homes with excellent landscaping were able to generate a sale price that was 6-7% higher than properties with good landscaping.

In closing, there are several ways that proper landscaping can help you sell your property faster than normal. You’ll want to ensure that landscaping design company focuses on problematic areas within your lawn. In many cases, it will be wise to lay out an entirely new lawn that is fresh and green. Speaking of colors, it’s important to see if landscapers can help give your yard more color with the addition of certain plants. You likely have certain plants that have become slightly out of control. With that in mind, it’s wise to have any current plants pruned down a manageable size.

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