Home Improvement Projects Add Value to Your Property

Shower remodel

This fall you had a new roof put on and it looks great. Unfortunately, three weeks ago, just after the extremely cold weather left and it warmed up, you noticed two small quarter sized spots on our ceiling. The water marks alarmed you and you asked the roofer to return. When he came back out he said he did not see any leaks and that his guess was that it was a ventilation issue. He agreed to put in a new vent for free but he also recommended that you spend some time looking in your attic to see if you could find the problem.
With a little help from the neighbor your husband was able to locate the problem. The two of them laid out a large piece of heavy plastic in case the wind should blow in from that direction again. As dry as the winters are, the hope is that the little bit of snow that blows in will evaporate off the plastic and not seep through the wood.
Both Indoor and Outdoor Projects Require Careful Attention from Home Owners

Home remodeling projects are an important part of being a home owner if you want to make sure that your house remains comfortable, efficient, and attractive. In addition, a home with a new kitchen remodel or bathroom renovations is also more valuable. And while it may be far more fun to pick out a new back splash for the kitchen, the fact of the matter is that home owners need to deal with exterior problems when they occur to avoid incurring any more damage.

Whether you are considering a home remodeling project in your bathroom or your kitchen, it is important that you hire a professional contractor for the work. In fact, the return on investment (ROI) may be substantially higher if you work with a certified and licensed contractor. Consider some of these other facts and figures about the home remodeling industry and the impact that it has on the nation’s economy:

  • 76% of home owners indicate that they will change the style of their kitchen during an upcoming renovation project.
  • 60% of home owners prioritize storage over all other functions of their kitchens, according to the 2016 HOUZZ Kitchen Trends Study.
  • 80% of renovating home owners indicate that they are replacing major bathroom features such as flooring, showers, countertops, and sinks.
  • 90% of home owners indicate that they are changing the style of their master bathroom during an upgrade.
  • Accounting for 78% of renovations, bathroom remodeling is the job most requested in the U.S., according to a National Association of Home Builders survey.
  • 73% of home owners indicate that they are renovating a bathroom that was last updated 16 years ago or more.

Whether you are considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel or you are dealing with a leaky roof, responsible home owners make sure that they purchase the best products and hire licensed contractors.

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