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Many prospective home buyers want to move into a home that has already been landscaped. Just one of the reasons for this is that they want to be able to enjoy spending time outside in their yard. A recent survey conducted on behalf of the National Association of Landscape Professions by Harris Poll found that a large percentage of Americans feel being able to spend time outdoor in their yards is important. The survey, which was conducted with 2,034 adults aged 18 and older, found that 75% believe it’s important to be able to spend time outside enjoying their yards.

Whether they’ve just purchased a home or have lived there for quite some time, many homeowners are upgrading their outdoor spaces. The goal of 51% of the participants was to be able to spend six hours or more gardening, entertaining, and relaxing. When prospective buyers view a house where they can visualize themselves engaging in these activities, there is a greater chance that they will make a bid on it.

The survey also indicated that quite a few of the participating homeowners had chosen to budget $10,000.00 for landscaping and other outdoor projects, such as retaining walls and outdoor entertainment areas. In order to complete these projects, roughly 65% of the homeowners actually spent that amount. While some homeowners planned to take care of these projects themselves, 56% chose to hire a professional landscape designer.

In addition to increasing a home’s resale value by approximately 14%, quality landscaping can also reduce the time it takes to sell a property. Real estate agents will inform their clients that when they spend just five percent of their home’s overall value on a quality landscape design, they can potentially receive up to a 150% return on their investment. This is just one of the reasons why almost 90% of real estate agents will recommend that homeowners invest in landscaping. In addition to enhancing curb appeal, landscaping can also create inviting outdoor living spaces.

When it comes to their wide range of experience with selling properties, real estate agents have informed opinions on the most effective home improvement projects. Given this, 97% of real estate agents include landscaping within the top-five projects. While it will depend on the extent of this landscaping, homeowners will usually be able to receive a 215% on their investment.

Since 83% of people within the United States believe that having a yard is important, it goes without saying that it should also be well-maintained. The survey indicated that this was the belief of 90% of their participants that had a yard. Given that so many Americans live busy lives, a professional landscaper can assist with designing as well as maintaining homeowners’ yards.

When homeowners are looking for landscaping design ideas, it makes sense to work with professional landscapers. As the aforementioned survey indicated, 56% of the homeowners used professionals to assist them with landscape design ideas. Just a few landscaping design ideas that may be of interest include adding shade trees, raised plant beds, patios, and walkways. Since it will depend on the amount of space that is available and other aspects of the existing property, a professional landscaper may recommend hedges, flowering vines, or rockery gardens.

Since there are so many landscaping design ideas that can enhance your outdoor spaces, working closely with a professional landscaper can assist you with ensuring that there your landscaping is attractive and possesses continuity. Once you’ve made an investment in your home’s curb appeal and outdoor living spaces, there is a greater chance that your house will sell faster and for a higher selling price.

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