Leaking Pipes Don’t Flush Your Money and Water Down the Drain

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We?ve all seen the comedic commercials with exaggerated plumbing emergencies — uncontrollable, leaking pipes and sink repairs turned catastrophic with a simple, errant turn of a wrench! But real life tells a different story. Those leaking pipes and fixtures are cause for major headaches, costing homeowners significant time and money. Not uncommonly, a leak springs or drips slowly around toilets and plumbing fixtures. It should come as no surprise, then, that of all U.S. household insurance claims, the second most common results from water damage,

Be on the Lookout to Improve Your Odds
In homeowner surveys, nearly 40 percent reported losses from water damage. To improve their odds and avoid that call to an emergency plumber, homeowners should start by simply noticing and examining their plumbing fixtures for those telltale signs.

What Do You See?
With simple awareness and timely repairs, it?s estimated that 93 percent of all water damage is preventable. Are there visible leaks or mineral deposits on pipes or fixtures? Is there water damage on the cabinets or the walls? Has there been a sudden change in the water bill or water usage? If so, chances are there?s a water leak.

Damage and Wasted Water Over Time
While plumbing emergencies can be costly and dramatic, it?s often those pesky, smaller leaks that cause the most significant damage over time: wood rot, plaster or drywall damage, dangerous molds. But that?s not the whole story. Adding to the direct expense of major repairs and emergency plumbing services, there?s the additional expense of wasted water over time. Every single day, 10 percent of US households waste 90-plus gallons of water. In terms of dollars, fixing those leaks could result in a 10 percent savings on your water bill.

Doing Your Part
As every homeowner does their part, small differences add up. The EPA estimates that one trillion gallons of water are wasted every year, enough to service 11 million homes annually with their household water use. Plumbing emergencies will happen, but a little forethought on leaking pipes, toilet and faucet repair, and the like goes a long way in water conservation, damage prevention and money savings.

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