8 of the Best Pea Gravel Uses for Landscaping Projects

pea gravel uses

When it comes to landscaping products, there are a lot of great options. For example, there are a number of types of fill dirt. One option for topsoil is pea gravel. When it comes to great landscape design, here are some of the best uses for pea gravel, from HGTV:

Combine it with other stones.

There are a lot of styles and colors you can get your pea gravel in. This makes combining it with different kinds of stones to be a great option for changing up the look of the outdoor space at your home. Larger stones can also serve as anchors for the pea gravel in a variety of areas outside your home. And this is just one of so many pea gravel uses! If you’re not sure what pea gravel looks like, look up a few pictures of pea gravel to see how it could look when combined with other stones in your yard.

Use pea gravel to create a safe and pretty play area.

This is one of the best uses for pea gravel. Often, people use mulch or bark dust for a play area with playground equipment in their yard. The main problem with mulch is that it can break down leaving nothing but mud or dirt in its place. This is not an issue when you use pea gravel, which is neater, prettier, and can even provide a better landing spot when kids fall of the swing set or trip over something, as kids are prone to do. The National Safety Council has reported that pea gravel is a safer option than dirt, grass, or mulch.

Make a focal point in your landscape design with pea gravel.

This is another of the best uses for pea gravel. One of the best things that can be done to create a great landscape design is to create a focal point. This can be done really well when pea gravel is used to create a path to a seating area, fountain, or outdoor kitchen area. The more pea gravel that is used means the less of their yard that has to be mowed. These are also great landscape design ideas when you have a fire pit in your yard.

Use pea gravel for your dog runs at your home.

Many people like to have spaces where their dogs can run around safely. Many people opt to put in dog runs to keep their dogs off of the grass on their lawns while getting the chance to spend time outside. Pea gravel is good for your dogs because its shape makes it easy on the pads of your dogs’ feet. While it normally stays pretty cool, it’s normal for pea gravel to get hot when it’s super sunny outside. A quick hose-down of your dog run should get it nice and cool again.

You can use pea gravel to create pretty walkways around your yard.

If you’re looking for more aestheticall pleasing pea gravel uses, walkways through your yard are going to be the perfect project. Wondering how many bags of gravel do I need? Even if you do need multiple bags, it is more cost-effective than asphalt and easier to keep up making it great for driveways and other kinds of paths around your home. It is also eco-friendly. The natural look of this kind of materials makes it a favorite for homeowners who are looking for something different for the driveway.

Pea gravel looks great when used around flowers.

Pebble flower beds are one of the best pea gravel uses for those who want a low-maintenance garden. The colors of the pea gravel can provide a great contrast between the blooms on the flowing plants you have. If you are looking for a way to make the flowers in your garden really pop, surrounding them with pea gravel with an earth tone is the way to do it.

Terraces with pea gravel look great.

If you have a terrace at your home, using pea gravel as the flooring can make the color of your home pop. It also makes a nice compliment for plant containers and shade awnings. If you’re wondering how much gravel to purchase for this landscaping project, make sure you have a solid idea of how big your space is and how thick you want your gravel coverage.

Pea gravel can be a great foundation for a shed.

More and more people are adding sheds to their property for a number of reasons. They are great places to store lawn equipment, bikes, and seasonal furniture. And when it comes to pea gravel uses, gravel installation under a shed is one of the most popular. Not only does it provide an aesthetically pleasing ground cover for your backyard shed, but it can also prevent water from getting into or on the shed when it rains. Just make sure you’re using a raised bed of gravel for this project.

You have a lot of options in the materials you use in your landscaping projects. And as you’ve seen here, pea gravel uses are nearly limitless when you put your mind to it. Which of these pea gravel landscaping projects is first on your list?

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