How to Install James Hardie Siding

Does your home need new siding? You might think you can get away with giving it another coat of paint, but eventually, most homes need new siding to ensure they are fully watertight. You have a lot of siding options to choose from, including vinyl, aluminum, and James Hardie siding.

James Hardie siding is also known as HardiePlank siding. It is made out of portland cement, sand, water, and cellulose fibers, so it is exceptionally durable and has a nice texture. If you choose to go with this type of siding on your home, you may want to watch the video here.

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It includes a lot of information about how and where to install James Hardie siding.

James Hardie siding installation isn’t difficult. In fact, some homeowners choose to install it by themselves instead of hiring contractors. As long as you follow the instructions exactly, you should end up with a watertight and secure outer barrier for your home. Make sure the siding is at least six inches above the ground, two inches above concrete structures and decks, and a quarter inch away from any trim.

If you’re not comfortable installing siding on your home, a local contractor can install it for you.

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