Has Your Home Been Recently Burglarized? Learn More About the Services Provided by Locksmiths

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Every year, two million home burglaries are reported. While this may be the reported number that occur within the United States, there’s a good chance that even more homes are burglarized. Recent data shows that this type of crime is committed every 13 seconds throughout the country.

When Burglaries Tend to Occur

A large percentage, or approximately 63% of residential burglaries, occur during daytime hours. While the actual time of day will vary, it tends to be when people are away from home for work or school. In some instances, a burglar may be aware of the household’s schedule and act accordingly. Burglars may often look for houses where people appear to be on vacation.

How Burglars Enter a Home

People that rent rather than own their house or apartment are more likely to have a break-in. Experts indicate that renters have an 85% likelihood of having this experience. While the reasons for this will vary, homeowners tend to opt for more security measures, such as surveillance systems.

There are a variety of ways in which a burglar will enter a home. While 34% will go through the front door, others will choose or locate another means of entry. This could be through the a side or back door. Other entryways include the garage or an open window. Some burglars will, of course, break windows, doors, and even locks to gain entry.

A Few Safety Tips

Some residents may have roommates or household members that tend to lose their keys. In these instances, it would be a good idea to be on the safe side and have a locksmith change the locks. Some homes and buildings may have different types of keys for each door. In order to identify these keys, it’s a good idea to have them clearly marked and leave an extra set with a trustworthy individual.

While it’s not usually encouraged, some individuals may hide an extra house key somewhere in their yard, garage, or another easily-accessed location. When people choose to do this, it’s important to change this hiding place on a regular basis. Even if someone doesn’t believe a stranger or suspicious person saw where they hid the key, there’s a possibility that they did. Furthermore, it’s always a good idea not to hide extra keys in conspicuous or obvious locations. This is because some burglars may check these areas for evidence of a key.

Learn More About the Services Provided by Locksmiths

Have you recently experienced a break-in? If so, does your home or office need a door installation? Rather than re-installing or installing a door on your own, it makes sense to call a professional. If your door is severely damaged, you may be interested in a brand-new door installation. Locksmiths can also check your existing doors to ensure that they are secure as secure as possible. In the event that they aren’t, they will usually recommend a door installation or a more secure lock.

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