Want To Reduce Your Energy Bill And Clean Up Your Outdoor Air Quality? Try These Landscaping Tricks

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What’s the difference between good landscaping and bad landscaping?

All you have to do is ask yourself how you feel about your home. Does something feel off? Do you find yourself struggling with noise pollution or abnormally high energy bills? Your environment is always trying to tell you something, for better and for worse, and landscaping is how you can answer. Just installing a new tree or boosting your lawn’s health can net you a variety of benefits you never thought possible.

Try these landscaping tricks on for size next time you get tired of the state of your home.

Breathe Some New Life Into Your Lawn

Many people define their outdoor landscaping by their lawn first. Why not? It’s often the first thing people notice when seeing your house for the first time…and some yellow spots can go a long way in making your home look bad. A healthy lawn should be lush, green and filled with life. This is best done when you use organic lawn care resources alongside a little common sense. Try not to step on your grass blades in the morning (that’s when they’re cold and frosted over) so they don’t become brittle and break. This can prevent them from growing full when the sun comes out!

Install Some New Trees And Feel The Benefits

If your lawn is perfectly fine, these next landscaping tricks will instead focus on the benefits you can glean from a new tree installation. Dense trees can block as much as 95% of sunlight as well as 75% of its heat. This can do wonders for lowering your energy bill and creating a more comfortable home from the outside in. Trees have been found to reduce an unshaded home’s summer air-conditioning costs by anywhere from 15% to 50%. If that sounds like music to your ears, keep reading. There are more landscaping tips you should know about…

Improve Your Outdoor And Indoor Air Quality

What other ways can trees and shrubbery improve your home? Better air quality isn’t a bad place to start. Indoor air pollution has been found to be up to three time worse than outdoor air pollution. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned about all the things you could be breathing in when you go out to water your garden. Dust, pollen, mold, dander and harmful chemicals can all gather in the air, affecting your sinuses and reducing your health. Trees are nature’s filters, so installing a few will cool you off and help you breathe easy.

Increase Your Home’s ROI With Some New Additions

Planning on selling soon? Then using landscaping tricks to boost your ROI will give you plenty to celebrate once it’s time to put your house up to market. Landscaping has been found to speed up a building’s sale by up to six weeks. That’s not bad if you’re a little impatient to get that coveted buyer on your front doorstep as soon as possible! According to an additional Clemson University study, homes with ‘excellent’ landscaping can also generate a sales price increase by 5% or more. This includes a nicer lawn, new tree additions or a repaired fence.

Use Landscaping To Transform Your Home

There’s no reason to be afraid of landscaping. Even a failed project can teach you a lot about what your home has to offer! You can drastically reduce the probability of failure with the aid of a landscaping design company, however. Not only can they give you a bounty of interesting ideas, they can gear your project toward aesthetic or function depending on your requests. According to data provided by the U.S. Department Of Energy, for example, energy-efficient landscaping can save you up to 30% on your home heating bills. Money Magazine also found landscaping can bring a recovery value of 100% to even 200% at selling time.

Joe Nelson landscaping tricks are more than just for show. They improve your home, and your life, in nearly every way possible.

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