Barkdust can Beautify Any Property

Landscaping is a sometimes overlooked aspect of building or renovating a property. There is more to a house or a public building than the structure itself; the landscape is a major factor, and it can even be economically feasible. In fact, a home’s resale value could be boosted by as much as 14% with proper landscaping, around 83% of Americans believe that having a yard is important. One way to complete a landscape is to hire and consult a barkdust specialist, whose expertise can make a property like new.

What is Barkdust?

There is some confusion between barkdust and mulch. A mulch, according to Arbor Pro, a mulch is any combination of organic materials, from grass to leaves to twigs, with the purpose of covering soil and enriching it while protecting it from the harsh elements. By contrast, barkdust is shredded and chopped up tree bark, defined as the cork-like covering of a tree’s solid wood trunk. The coarseness of barkdust can vary, and in application, barkdust acts as landscape improvement, covering bare soil to create an aesthetically pleasing layer that also protect soil from erosion and water loss. However, barkdust does not have the same enriching quality as mulch does. It should be noted that barkdust itself can be included as an ingredient in mulch, allowing it to act as property improvement in any capacity.

Barkdust Specialists And You

Any property, private or public, could benefit from applying barkdust on the soil for creating smooth ground between gardens, or simply preventing damage to the soil. A landscaping contractor may have expertise in buying, making, and applying barkdust, and working with existing landscaping to create the perfect lawn on a property. Barkdust specialists work across the country, even in cool, wetter regions such as Oregon. Bark blowers in Portland can lend their services to anyone who hires them, and with their equipment, they can shred bark into barkdust and spray it onto the specified field or patch of soil. Blowing high quality materials is the job of barkdust specialists, and the end result can transform a property.

In general, a layer two to three inches thick is optimal for landscaping, but on a playground, where barkdust is used as a play surface, barkdust specialists will probably create a layer 12 inches thick instead, providing enough cushioning for children at play. Portland, for example, is home to 132 playgrounds. Drier states could use barkdust as well on public property, such as in Texas or New Mexico, where barkdust could help prevent serious soil erosion. In such dry states, home gardening may prove difficult unless a homeowner plants appropriate plants such as cacti or desert bushes, but barkdust specialists can provide a layer of organic material that can complete a yard, without the need for water-dependent grass. In wetter areas, barkdust could act as a walkway between flowerbeds in a garden, or even act as a moat around flowerbeds or ponds as an accent to provide flair to the whole garden. The possibilities of landscaping are endless, and barkdust is an essential ingredient to improving any property.

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