Taking a Look at Hurricane Preparedness On The Florida Coastline

Hurricanes should not be messed with, as they can be very serious and very destructive things. In fact, the average hurricane in the United States has the potential to dump nearly two and half trillion gallons of rain each and every day, stirring up the air around it considerably in the process. Hurricane Irma, for example, was particularly deadly, and held more than five trillion watts of energy, seven trillion watts of energy at her strongest and most dangerous. To put it into a more clear perspective, seven trillion watts of energy is about doubt the amount of power that was generated from every single bomb that was used in World War II combined. Irma’s winds reached speeds of one hundred and eighty five miles per hour and stayed at that speed for an astounding thirty seven hours, making it the most powerful hurricane, the most powerful storm in general, that the Atlantic ocean has ever seen.

And the damage that Hurricane Irma caused was immense and was widespread. From the state of Texas to Puerto Rico, Irma left huge chunks of the population homeless and many more dead. Injuries were vast, both to the people who were living in the path of the hurricane as well as to the infrastructure of such places. The island of Puerto Rico was all but decimated and the Barbados did not fare much better, as the hurricane destroyed up to ninety perfect of all buildings on the island. Unfortunately, this left more than half of the population, around sixty percent, without a home, without any type of shelter at all.

While not all hurricanes will be as severe and as devastating as Hurricane Irma, hurricane preparedness is important if you live in an area that is active with hurricanes during the yearly hurricane season, which extends from the beginning of the month of June all the way to the end of the month of November. For residents of the state of Florida, this means the use of hurricane doors Miami and impact resistant windows. Hurricane doors Miami can be found in all parts of the states, and hurricane doors Miami can even be found in other areas of the country where hurricanes are prevalent during the nearly six month long hurricane season. Hurricane doors Miami can also come in a wide variety, ensuring that you can express your style and your personality through said style while protecting your home and all who live within it. From the sliding glass door to impact resistant doors, the hurricane door Miami is a popular choice among Floridian residents.

When you are looking to install such hurricane doors Miami, it is important that the hurricane doors Miami that you look at have impact resistant glazing. This glazing along on hurricane doors Miami has been found to withstand winds of at least one hundred miles per hour. Some hurricane doors Miami might even be able to successfully withstand more. Impact resistant windows are also important, and having them installed with the same impact resistant glazing is a smart idea. In fact, for many Florida residents, it is required by law. If you live within one mile of the coast of Florida, then you must have hurricane doors Miami and the like, as it is more likely than not that your home will face a hurricane at some point during the time that you live there. Always being protected and prepared, such as with hurricane doors Miami will ensure that you stay safe, and that your home sustains as little damage possible, even if some still does occur.

Hurricanes are frightening things, there is absolutely no doubt about it. However, there are a number of ways in which you can prepare your home against one. High impact windows and hurricane proof doors go hand in hand, and high impact glass should always be used if you are in a hurricane danger zone. Regular inspections of your building are also important and can make a difference when it comes to hurricane preparedness. Being prepared for a hurricane can help to ensure your safety as well as the stability of your home.

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