The Best and Most Humane Ways to Get a Squirrel Out of Your Home

Did you find a squirrel in your house? The most important thing to remember is that this small creature is definitely more afraid of you than you are of it and you both want the squirrel to go back outside where it belongs. It can be overwhelming at first to see the small creature running frantically around your house but know that there are many humane squirrel removal options for you to choose from.

Try to get the squirrel into a room with a window or door that will lead them outside. Make sure to close any door or window that leads to the rest of the house. It’s also extremely important for any squirrel removal procedure to make sure that any household animals are put far away from the squirrel. Once you have locked and sealed all alternative exits, wait for the squirrel to find its way outside. Shut the door or window as soon as they run out.

If you have trapped the squirrel in one room and it isn’t moving toward the exit, you can put on thick and heavy gloves and approach the squirrel with a blanket in front of you. Once you are within close proximity of the squirrel, drop the blanket over it, pick it up and set it outside.

Sometimes squirrel families decide to take up residence in a cozy attic. For humane squirrel removal you can do on your own, try making a lot of noise underneath the attic or shining bright lights throughout the day and night to make them uncomfortable and scared. Another tactic is to leave a rag soaked in vinegar in the attic, they will most likely leave on their own.

There are times when a squirrel might refuse to leave your house or attic no matter what humane squirrel removal tactics you are doing. When this happens, it is likely because they have babies hidden somewhere and do not want to leave them. If you suspect there might be multiple squirrels in the attic, call a professional animal and rodent removal company. When you are on the phone, request that they remove the unwanted rodents in a humane and safe way.

Once you have removed the squirrels from your house it is important to find and seal their original entryway. If you are not sure where they could have come in, call an animal removal company to inspect your home and see where potential entry points could have been. Finally, be sure to take steps toward making sure your bird feeders can’t be broken into by squirrels and that you and your family never feed them when they are in your yard so that you can avoid having to deal with another squirrel infestation.

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