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You have finally spent the money to replace the carpet throughout the house and next week a crew is coming to tear down your old deck and install a new, larger composite deck. It feels really good to finally be tackling all of the tasks around your home that are necessary. Even when the new carpet and the new deck are finished, however, you still have some pretty major projects that you would like to take care of. The most important next items will be upgrading the appliances in the kitchen. Only two of the four burners on the stovetop work, the ice maker in the freezer has not been working for more than a year, and both the microwave and oven could be replaced as well.
Being a home owner is a constant job of making sure that you are taking care of the proper maintenance, as well as investing in the replacement items and upgrades. From refrigerators to to dishwashers, home owners can find themselves faced with the challenging task of making choices between repair and replace. And while it may seem a simple task to tackle a clothes dryer repair, many home owners find that the most economical decision to make is to simply invest in a new appliance.
From washing machine repairs to refrigerator replacements, consumers frequently find themselves comparing models, prices, and warranties in an effort to find the best deal and make the best investment decision. Depending on how old the appliances are in your home, for instance, making the decision between repair and replacement can be a pretty mathematical decision. And while appliances that were made decades ago may have lasted for many years, that is not necessarily the case today. In addition to the shorter lifespan of some of the appliances that are on the market today, another consideration that many home owners consider is energy efficiency. Upgrading to a new model, for instance, may provide substantial savings in the long run.
New Appliance Purchases Often Have High Energy Efficiency Ratings
Whether you are in a position where you are getting to select a whole new set of appliances for a new home or you are shopping for some replacement appliances in your older house, it is important to compare price, energy ratings, and warranties before making the investment. Consider some of these facts and figures about the appliance industry and the purchases that consumers make:

  • A refrigerator comes in a lot of different style and price ranges. From models that dispense cubed and crushed ice and drinking water to the most basic models, the added features also add to the cost.
  • Product reports indicate that 36% of side-by-side refrigerator/freezers with icemakers break within a mere three to four years.
  • People who want to make sure that they get the most from their appliance purchases often make the decision to also buy extended warranty options.
  • Lasting fewer and fewer years, a dishwasher should still at last nine years before having to be replaced.
  • In the year 2014, the average cost to repair an appliance fell somewhere between $254 and $275.
  • A gas range oven should last 15 years before a home owner should have to think about replacing it.
  • No one wants to spend more than they need to on energy costs. Making the decision to upgrade to newer, more efficient appliances can help cut energy costs.
  • Consumers can find some comfort in knowing that an electric or gas dryer should last 13 years before it needs to be replaced.
  • Estimates indicate that 28% of refrigerators with bottom or top freezers that have icemakers break within three to four years.
  • Satisfaction surveys indicate that a number of consumers continue to be frustrated with the short life spans of some of the appliances that they purchase. High repair costs often force home owners to just buy a new appliance product.

Whether you are looking for just a refrigerator or an entire set of kitchen appliances, taking your time to shop around often pays off in the long run. Comparing different brands and checking consumer reports can help you make a wise decision about the purchase that you make. New APPLIANCES add value to your home, as well as decreasing energy costs.

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