4 Incredibly Popular Pool Additions

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A study published by Houzz finds that 83% of those surveyed feel their backyard is an ideal entertaining space. One of the most entertaining items to place in your backyard is a pool. It’s understandable to wonder which pool additions are the most popular. Having the right type of pool addition will help ensure your backyard is an ideal spot for entertaining. Here are four extremely popular ideas for a pool renovation.

  1. Additional Lighting

    One of the greatest parts of owning a pool is being able to use it around the clock. Unfortunately, it’s dangerous to use a pool during the night if the pool isn’t lit properly. Many people utilize LED lighting to create an affordable and beautiful lighted pool. If you plan on doing any entertaining, it’s wise to have a pool that stays brightly lit.
  2. Pool Fencing

    Certain pool additions provide additional safety to your backyard. It’s wise to have four sided isolation fencing around your pool that features gates that are able to latch and close on their own. Families with young children will find it especially beneficial to have a pool fence professionally installed.
  3. Diving Boards

    Many pool owners want to experience the excitement of diving. Statistics show that 38% of all inground pools feature diving boards. It’s imperative that your pool meets certain depth requirements to have a diving board. You never want to have a diving board where water levels are too low. Swimming pool builders will help ensure a diving board is built in a safe location.
  4. Fountain

    Many homeowners want to debate whether they want to have a fountain or a pool. You’ll be happy to know that pools look great with a water fountain in the middle. Many people choose to have fountains built near the side of their pools. A swimming pool contractor can help ensure you’ve received a fountain built to your specifications.

In summary, there are several important additions that go well with every swimming pool. It’s important to ensure that your pool is brightly lit. Having a pool that features LED lighting works well if someone wants to swim during the night. Many pool owners choose to have fences protect these areas. It’s especially important that families with young children have pool fences installed. Diving boards are popular pool additions that can provide hours of fun. Fountains are commonly built alongside a pool, making for beautiful poolside attractions. A contractor can help ensure you have enough additions to create the pool of your dreams.

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