What to Know About Air Conditioning Repairs

This video talks about HVAC systems and AC duct repair, and how to know what needs to be done when the unit acts up. Unfortunately, many homeowners get duped by specialists who want to earn money. These individuals are not always honest to the homeowners about what causes their units to act up.

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Some say that a severe repair or replacement needs to be done when the problem is only minor. That’s not always the case, but sometimes it is. For example, some salespeople will recommend that prospective clients replace all their ductwork to solve a problem when that solution isn’t necessary. However, it will get the salesperson a hefty check of $5,000 to $10,000.

There are easier ways an individual can rectify a situation. In many cases, ducts can be repaired individually, and a full system replacement would be overkill. One or two ducts can be replaced to get air to the one or two bedrooms that are currently having cooling or heating issues. Increasing the size of a duct that leads to a bedroom is a solution that could fix the issue as well. Another solution is to relocate the duct on the supply plenum to a more advantageous spot.

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