What Happens During an Electric Panel Inspection?

The video talks about home electric panel inspections and how a person should have an inspection done before purchasing a new home. It is not likely that the inspection will reveal anything that would scare the person into not buying the home. However, it’s a smart idea to have it done so that it gives the prospective buyer an indication of what needs to be done in the future.

The first place to start with the inspection is on the outside of the electrical system, where everything comes in.

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The outside is the spot where the power first comes in. Therefore, an issue on the outside will almost always result in an issue showing up on the inside. The inspection should include looking at the meter to see what kind of wiring there is, whether anything is corroded, and what kind of shape the conductor is in.

The very next area to look at is the point of attachment up top. The individual will be looking for security issues and trying to ensure that everything is free of potential failure and corrosion. If there are any missing or loose points of attachment, the person must rectify them before moving forward. That will add stability to the entire system.

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