Learn how to DIY Your Broken Window Repair

Whether a ball has smashed through the glass or the weather has caused damage, it is time to do a broken window repair. Fortunately, this is the type of DIY project that can be done without having to call a professional. In this video, Jonny DIY walks homeowners step by step through how to get that window switched out.

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The first part of any repair job is the measuring, which Jonny DIY gives helpful hints on how to get that perfect width and how to avoid future cracking. Next, how to tap the glass so it comes out safely, as well as how to pull it securely. Be sure to pay close attention to little sharp objects that could be hazardous in the process. Finally, the new glass goes in, which will be sealed with putty.

Here, Jonny DIY teaches you how to measure properly, what the best tools are, how to clean the area as you go, and even the best angle to hold the tools for maximum results. The most helpful parts of this broken window repair are the experience tidbits. Not only are you repairing, but also learning why these are the best practices.

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