What Are Your Summer Decorating and Remodeling Plans?

Shower wall tile

It is going to be an exciting summer. With the final plans in place for a first floor remodel, you have been picking out subway wall tiles and shower floor tiles, as well as floor ceramic tiles. In fact, the kitchen counters are crowded with sample books and shades of different tile choices. The first work team is scheduled for the first week in June and after that it should be a steady stream of workers, as gong toward the goal of completing the project by the Fourth of July weekend.
The plan for the changes has taken months to put into place, but the details should help the projects get completed faster and answer all of the questions that anyone might have. And while you are probably most excited about the white subway wall tiles that will serve as the kitchen ornate backsplash, your husband is just looking forward to hosting the big Fourth of July party to reveal all of the new changes.
Careful Scheduling Can Help Homeowners Meet Their Remodeling Goals
Whether you are looking for the latest designs in subway wall tiles or you are planning on a more traditional wood floor, working carefully with contractors can help you keep your project on schedule. Although some setbacks are unavoidable, the more plans you have in place, the more likely you will be able to work past any unexpected delays. Are you ready to pick to tiles for your mosaic backsplash? Are you ready to hire the contractors to install your subway wall tiles? No matter what your tastes are, finding the best contractors who can offer you the work day schedules that you want is often the best way to keep a project on schedule.
Consider some of these statistics about home remodeling projects and some of the latest trends in home interior design:

  • Many home remodeling projects are a long time in the planning. From saving the money to pay for the project to finding the right materials and contractors, the process of planning a remodel can be complicated and time consuming.
  • As many as 69% of all jobs requested were for kitchen remodeling, according to a National Association of Home Builders survey. This makes kitchen remodels the second most popular request.
  • Kitechen remodels, even minor ones, have an average return on investment (ROI) of as much as 82.7%.
  • Every time that you make a change in your home, you have the opportunity to increase the value of your home.

  • Your personal tastes should be apparent in any remodeling project. By looking at all of the options for the latest trends in kitchen backsplashes, for instance, you can still make the selection that most matches your personal preferences.
  • One square foot consists of eight three inch by six inch subway tiles. To correctly measure your project space it is important to round that number to the next highest square foot and then add 10% to 15% to cover cuts, waste, and breakage.
  • Using local contractors who come with great recommendations is often the best way to make sure that your projects are a success.
  • Remodeling efforts can test the patience of even the most organized homeowners, but having a detailed plan about the materials that you will need and the contractors who will complete the work can add a little calm to the chaos.

  • Porcelain tiles are growing in popularity. These tiles are fired at a temperature between 2200 to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. These higher firing temperatures, and the combination of ingredients, produce an extremely dense, stain resistant, and hard-wearing tile.
  • Like kitchen remodels, bathroom upgrades are also good investments. In fact, bathroom additions offer an average of 86.4% ROI.
  • According to a National Association of Home Builders survey, bathroom remodeling accounts for 78% of all renovation projects, making it the job most requested in the U.S.
  • New options in tiles are available in a variety of easy to maintain options. Taking the time to select the tile matching your color scheme, as well as meets other requirements you have, can help you create a perfect remodeling project.
  • Statistics indicate that glass shower enclosures are currently the most popular choice. In fact, this attractive and easy to care for option is preferred by 79% of homeowners.

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