Trends for Window Treatment

In this video, you will learn about custom blinds. One thing they like to do is to stay up on trends for the window industry. The ribbon top modern drapery is the first thing we are going to look at.

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It is a nice and sleek modern look. There is a heavy and thick modern wand. There is a pleading at the top that is modern. Another trend is in the honeycomb shape. There is a hybrid plead. Voice motor activation is also a trend this year. You can tell Google to raise the shades and then it will do it automatically. Another new trend is taking solar and roller shades and combining them. There is a motorized wand, but you are also getting the nice look of a roller shade with the technology. Card-free is usually the first place people go when looking for new shades. Another cool animation is the zebra shade. They are a traditional sheer shade with a motor. It allows you to have an outside view during the day, then goes down at night. If you are interested in learning more about custom blind and shade trends of this year, keep watching this video for more information.

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