The Tools You Need to Build a Custom PC

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Did you know that, according to NPD research, the average Macintosh desktop computer costs as much as $1,000? That’s enough for a down payment on most cars. Purchasing a new computer can be incredibly expensive. Tech-savvy consumers can curb these costs, and choose from a wider range of specifications and settings, by building their own custom PCs.

The construction of a custom PC, however, does not come without risks. Enthusiasts must remember to include simple – and often critical – finishing products and parts. Use these parts to prevent custom-built PCs from frying:

Rubber Grommets and Cable Ties

Preventing electrical shorts and other serious accidents starts with protecting and insulating wires. Rubber grommets, for example, protect electrical wiring, cables, and cords inside desktop PC’s metal casing. These circular or oblong fixtures shield cables from sharp edges and jagged metal pieces. Heavy-duty grommets typically withstand extreme heat and pressure, making them ideal for use inside computers and even large-scale machinery. Consumers can also use rubber grommets to reduce vibrations and limit noise from computers’ fans and other internal mechanisms.

It is important for custom PC builders to keep in mind that all electrical wiring needs to remain organized and intact, including external wiring. Manufacturers offer a number of different cable ties perfect for securing and protecting external computer cords. Consumers can choose from color cable ties (to easily identify specific wiring), releasable zip ties, or easily adjustable Velcro zip ties. Velcro cable ties may be used to secure small or lightweight groups of wiring.

Threaded Standoffs

Finally, the most critical component when building a custom PC is threaded standoffs. Standoffs separate the motherboard from computer towers’ metal casing. Without standoffs, computer systems will overheat and fry.

Building your own PC? Constructing a custom PC can save you money and afford consumers a much greater range of formatting options. Use rubber grommets and cable ties to protect custom PCs’ internal and external wiring, and don’t forget to use standoffs to prevent systems from frying.

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