The Three Most Common Issues With Central Air

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Did you know that according to the EIA, an estimated 85% of homes in the Souther parts of the U.S. have central air conditioning, while a solid 68% of homes all over the country have central air conditioning? For these owners, air conditioning services are integral to the comfort level of their homes.

Many underestimate the maintenance that they need, which could result in expensive AC unit repair if left untended to for too long. Sure, some of these issues can be resolved with home AC repair, but if air conditioner services are truly vital to your home’s well being, then they must be taken care of by central air repair professionals at the first signs of trouble.

Here are some common problems that central air repair professionals deal with, and their symptoms, so that you can quickly have them resolved and get your home back to being as comfortable as it should be!

Dirty Filter.

Before calling in the central air repair pros, make sure your filter is relatively dust free, and that the full force of the air can pass through it. If air doesn’t get through, then it’s not reaching the evaporator coil to have the heat removed from it. Once air stops reaching the evaporator coil, the chilled refrigerant just sits there, and starts freezing the coil. When that starts happening, it can run all the way outside and freeze the line to the condenser. Once the filter is replaced, you may have to run the unit for several hours to de-ice it before it starts working properly again.

Heat Not Dissipating.

Cottonwood trees and airborne seeds from trees and plants can likely clog and dirty your condenser fins and cabinet slots. Whether it be you or central air repair professionals, the debris needs to get unclogged. The key is to push the debris in the opposite direction from which it entered. Spraying the unit down with a hose will only make it worse.

Leaky Ducts.

While not an actual part of the AC unit, having dirty, clogged, and leaky ducts could be the reason you find yourself in need of central air repair. To determine if this is your problem, check for any gaps, cracks, or leaks in the duct work/ If it feels like air is escaping from other points in the vents, or if there are seams that are coming apart, or if one area of the home has significantly lower air flow, than chances are it’s a problem with your ducts.

Both you, and central air repair professionals can take care of these problems. However, if none of these seem to be the cause of your troubles, then it is definitely time to call in central air repair services. If you have any questions about these issues or about central air repair, feel free to ask in the comments! Research more here.

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