No Time for Cuddling? Fix Your Heater to Stay Warm in the Winter

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When people feel cold, they prefer to cuddle up on the couch and watch a romance movie. Though that might sound strange, a 2012 study by the Journal of Consumer Research found that, in colder temperatures, participants were more likely to choose romantic films, likely because of the connections between love and warmth. Unfortunately, there is not always time in the day to get cozy on the couch and watch a movie when your cold, and getting home furnace repairs is generally the more reliable way to stay warm throughout the winter.

The average American household will waste some 9,000 gallons of water just to warm a home up to a comfortable temperature. Though it might be necessary to stay healthy, it can be costly to waste water, and the energy needed to do so can also be expensive. In order to help lower those costs, homeowners should think about hiring a reliable HVAC service company to make sure heating systems are working efficiently. Doing so can go a long way towards making sure you don’t waste money keeping warm all winter. However, commercial HVAC companies should also be able to help you stay cool during the summer.

Some estimates have found that two thirds of all American homes have central air conditioning. As a result, according to, it should come as no surprise that about five percent of all electricity produced int he U.S. is accounted for by AC units. In fact, some might find that low percentage to be a bit too small, especially since some states have warm temperatures requiring AC to be used all year. But regardless of the actual percentages, working with an HVAC service company to make sure AC units are working efficiently is smart for every homeowner who wants to cut down on energy usage and save money on monthly utility bills.

Though repairs and upgrades can be helpful, new efficient systems can be the better alternative. A high efficiency water heater alone can help you cut up to 25% in energy costs every year. Though there might be an initial cost required to have local HVAC contractors install a new water heater, over time, it could eventually pay for itself. So any investment will prove to be quite worthwhile.

Cuddling up on the couch and watching a romantic movie with a significant other might be the most fun and relaxing way to enjoy the cold temperatures of the winter months. However, doing so every day is just not realistic if you have a busy schedule and kids who need to be taken care of, so getting regular maintenance on heating systems from HVAC service company is a must if your home is too cold. More like this blog.

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