The Best Upgrades to Make to Your Home

Whether you’re finally undertaking that remodeling project you’ve been postponing or you just bought a new home, the right upgrades will make you feel good about your investment and improve your overall quality of life. A mix of practical and aesthetic upgrades will make your home more efficient and provide an opportunity to tailor your home to your lifestyle. While some upgrades can be a major financial commitment, the result is a more comfortable, functional, and stylish home. Here are some of the best upgrades to make to your home.

1. Repaving Your Patio

Repaving your patio is one of the best upgrades to make to your home. Your patio is one of the most important sections of your home as it’s often the first thing guests interact with. The better the aesthetic appeal of your patio, the better the impression guests will have of your home. One of the main factors affecting the visual appeal of your patio is the state of the pavers. While pavers are typically designed to withstand wear and tear for a long time, they can’t last forever. You may start to notice more visible cracks. When your patio develops cracks, water can seep through and cause further damage. This can be especially damaging during winter when the cold temperature causes the water that made its way into the cracks to freeze and expand.

Missing pavers is another obvious sign you need to repave your patio. If only a few pavers are missing, you don’t need a completely new installation. However, if major sections of your pavers are missing, you may need a completely new patio pavement installed by a professional concrete patio paver. Wobbly, cracked patio pavers can take away from your home’s visual appeal. Repaving your patio will help you reclaim the space and make it look brand new.

2. Getting New Shingles

Getting new shingles is one of the best upgrades to make to your home. A roof may age organically to the point where it no longer serves its purpose without causing any issues. It may just look old and worn. However, postponing a roof replacement can cause more serious issues in the future. Several telltale signs indicate your roof is deteriorating and you should expect probable leaks and issues in the future. When you start noticing some of these signs on your roof, start thinking about repair or replacement. One of the obvious signs you need new shingles is missing granules. From the ground, missing granules look like light patches for dark shingles or dark patches for light shingles.

When you clean your gutters, you may notice a significant amount of granules there. Granule loss has little impact on your roof’s ability to remain waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about leaks. However, the granules guard against UV rays damage to the asphalt in the shingle. This means the shingles will age more quickly if granules are missing. Curling shingles are also a common sign. Curling occurs when the asphalt in the shingles dries up and shrinks over time, making it fragile. In this state, they may be blown off by high winds. The best and only course of action for this is to get new shingles installed by professional local roofers. However, if your roof is widely impacted, it’s time for a roof replacement.

3. Installing New Lights

Installing new lighting fixtures is one of the best upgrades to make to your home. This efficient and cost-effective approach enhances the visual appeal and livability of your home. A dazzling new fixture adds life to a dull space. Plus, compared to most other home improvement projects, improving the lighting produces less of a mess. There are a few factors you’ll need to keep in mind when installing new lights.

Select a lighting focal point based on the size of the room. Large, attention-grabbing lighting doesn’t work for small spaces. Use floor lights for the ideal ambiance in small spaces instead. On the other hand, large spaces like the dining area or living room work well with chandeliers and conspicuous lighting. Consider using multiple lighting sources to create a balanced look as well. When it comes to lighting, portable lamps and overhead fixtures are just not enough. To give your home an unexpected glow and custom feel, use bursts of lighting. Employing numerous lighting sources gives a space a balanced appearance in terms of ambiance and color. For the best results, work with professional light installation services. During the festive seasons such as the December holidays, it is a good idea to hire Christmas light installation services.

4. Hiring an Exterminator

Hiring an exterminator is one of the best upgrades to make to your home. Every property is unique in terms of pest control needs. Pest control strategies should be implemented depending on the type of pest and the geographical region. To keep your home free of pests, professional pest control companies customize their approach to a home’s specific needs and employ the most recent and effective techniques.

When you work with professionals, your safety is also guaranteed. One of the best features of professional pest control companies is that they employ environmentally friendly green products that humanely rid your home of pests. Hiring professional pest control companies also comes with extra convenience. You won’t have to face those pesky pests that give you the creeps. Just sit back and relax as the professional handles the problem for you. Once they complete their job, you can once more enjoy a pest-free home.

5. Working on Your Yard

Working in your yard is one of the best upgrades to make to your home. By just having large healthy trees in your yard, your home’s value can increase by 3% to 15%. While these majestic monuments of nature provide several benefits, they can quickly turn into a nuisance if not properly maintained. Fortunately, there are arborists, experts in yard care, who can work on your yard to give your home a much-deserved upgrade. First, a professional arborist service will work to ensure your landscape is as organized as possible. They’re knowledgeable in all matters of yard care, such as tree removal and pruning. Yard care from a professional arborist service may also involve getting rid of wood-loving pests, which could be hiding in the tree barks.

A professional arborist service also employs up-to-date tools to get the job done. As a homeowner, you most likely won’t have ready access to such equipment. Pruning trees, for example, calls for special equipment that’s designed to ensure safety. A professional arborist has all the tools needed to prune even large tree branches. They also have the equipment to completely chop down trees.

6. Comparing Heating Oil Options

Switching to heating oil is one of the best upgrades to make to your home. Efficiency is the main goal of any energy source. What you need is a heating fuel that produces the most heat from the least quantity of fuel. Heating oil does just that. Compared to other energy sources, a small amount of heating oil produces a substantial amount of heat. If you compare heat production per gallon to that of electricity, natural gas, and propane, it is more effective.

The fact that oil burns hotter than other fuels is also another great advantage as it produces a cozy, radiating warmth that lasts longer and helps in maintaining the temperature of your house between furnace runs. Not all energy sources provide your home with the same level of comfort. Additionally, heating oil doesn’t explode. It only burns through a complicated process used by furnaces to turn oil into heat. If it leaks or spills, it won’t contaminate the soil or groundwater as it’s non-toxic. It burns cleanly and doesn’t emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Pro tip: When sourcing heating oil for your home, compare multiple heating oil delivery companies to get the best service.

7. Repaving Your Driveway

Repaving your driveway is one of the best upgrades to make to your home. The driveway is among the most overlooked sections of your home. However, most driveways need a lot of attention, especially if you’ve owned a house for a while. Maintaining your driveway not only improves the curb appeal of your home but also boosts its durability and reduces the likelihood of developing cracks. Extreme weather conditions can be punishing to driveways.

Repaving your driveway keeps it looking wonderful no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw at it. Like most individuals, making sure your family is safe comes first. As driveways get older, cracks often develop. Sometimes the surface starts to chip, creating unstable or trip-prone regions. The best way to mitigate such risks is to get new asphalt driveway pavers installed every few years.

8. Repairing Your Gutter

Gutters are crucial to the efficient operation of a household, making gutter repair one of the best upgrades to make to your home. A clean gutter drains rainwater away from your home, while a dirty, clogged gutter can cause property damage and other hazards. Gutter repair and maintenance should be given as much attention as the other aspects of your home. Rain gutters typically run the length of the home’s roof. They serve as aesthetic and functional elements that complement your home’s exterior appearance. Gutter damage diminishes the cosmetic value of your property and gives it a dilapidated look that’s likely to put off most potential buyers.

Simple gutter repair can restore the clean lines of your exterior design. Such repairs include reconnecting the pieces and replacing damaged ones. Even minor improvements can have a big impact on how your property looks from the outside. Gutter repair also extends your roof’s useful life. Clog-free gutters are functional gutters. Any obstruction can affect your roof’s drainage, allowing water to collect and seep into the roof’s cracks. Gutter repair also reduces home repair costs in the long run. Faulty gutters can cause problems that weaken your home’s foundation, often necessitating expensive repairs. Always place a lot of emphasis on gutter maintenance, repair, and cleaning to keep such problems from cropping up.

9. Building a New Fence

Building a new fence is also one of the best upgrades to make to your home. Without a functional fence, your property isn’t protected from the outside world and is easily accessible by anybody at any time. Your patio furniture could be stolen by a passerby, or worse, your house could be broken into. Your home will be less vulnerable to intruders if you build a new fence. In addition to keeping strangers out, a new vinyl fence keeps children and pets within your property. Your backyard can serve as a secure playground where your kids can burn off some energy and your dog can run around without a leash. When you build a new fence, your property will also have distinct boundary lines, so you won’t have to guess where exactly your obligation for maintenance stops. Even if you get along with your neighbors, establishing a fence between your properties will help you avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

10. Cleaning Your Drains

Most of your home’s daily operations heavily rely on your drainage system. It plays a crucial role in clearing the main sewer line. Having your drains cleaned by professional drain cleaning services is one of the best upgrades to make to your home. When you let professionals clean your drains regularly, further blockages can be minimized or avoided. If you notice standing water every time you use the sink or take a shower, it’s a sign of a blockage. Don’t wait for the issue to develop; get in touch with professional drain cleaning services.

Cleaning your drains eliminates the need for future intrusive and expensive plumbing repairs. Poor drainage, clogged pipes, and sewage backup can also undermine your living conditions. Such problems encourage the spread of germs and bacteria and often lead to mold growth. When you work with professional drain cleaning services, you will have healthy pipes that are free of nasty odors and unsanitary sewage, resulting in a safer, cleaner home environment.

Since your home is perhaps one of the biggest investments you’ve made so far, use any chance you get to improve its value. One of the most effective ways of increasing your home’s value is to upgrade its features. A mix of practical and aesthetic upgrades delivers the best results.

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