Performing Antique Rug Restoration

If antique rugs interest you, particularly thrifted or salvaged ones, you may come across several problems. Smell, grime, dirt build-up, and overall wear and tear are all problems these beautiful rugs encounter over years of use and misuse. If you want to learn about antique rug restoration, maybe to save a stunning material and use it in your new home, watch this video to understand this process!

A common ten-step process is often utilized. The first step is to check the rug over and determine what its main issues are.

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From there, it gets spun in a hypo-allergenic dust collector to shake off dirt and dust. Then the rug is taken to the wash floor where it is scrubbed to remove oils and stains. A pressure washer pushes the dirt out of the fabric but must be used gently to prevent ruining the delicate fibers.

A squeegee is a great tool for forcing the dirty water out of the carpet in between cleanings. You need to shampoo and deodorize the carpet with hand scrubbers and soft brushes or a rotary machine. A rug can be dried by being hung or vacuuming out the water. Quality control looks at the rug up close to determine if there are any loose threads or tricky stains.

This whole process can take upwards of a week. If you want high-quality rug cleaning services, the time is worth it to restore a rug to its natural beauty!


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