The Best Roofing Companies Guarantee Their Installations and Their Products

The right local roofer can help you to get your roof in great shape and also show you how to do so. This is because they’ll not only be capable of doing a good job, but they’ll also advise you on the best products and materials to use for your home’s roof.

Let them know what you need so that they help you accordingly. Whether you want luxury roofing or commercial shingles, working with a professional roofer will help you make the right call. They can even accompany you to the roof store and ensure that you know what to look for in the roofing materials that you need to get.
If you want to change your roof to a different design like a California-style roof, you have to find out from your professional if it’s possible to change it in the first place. You also want to know how much you’ll need to spend on the entire project in order to get a reasonable outcome. Unless you’re replacing or repairing the roof on an emergency basis, there’s no reason at all why you need to rush through the process. Take your time so that you can get the best outcome.

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The high winds and destructive hail that moved through the area that first week in April caused damage throughout the city. The estimates for repairs were expensive and extensive. While some residents were able to get insurance benefits to cover the majority of the damage, other home owners found themselves struggling to get roofing companies to even come out to inspect their homes. Two years after the storm, however, most of the damage had finally been repaired.
A roof is a major investment in a home. If it becomes damaged, either through weather or age, finding one of the best roofing companies to make the repairs is essential. Whether the repair work is being paid for through insurance money or the home owner’s own funds, the new roof needs to be professionally installed.
Different Climates Dictate the Installation of Different Types of Roofs
While many roofing materials are versatile enough to be used throughout the country, some materials are more common in some locations.

  • Metal roofs.
    Metal roofing companies install their product in every part of the nation. Known as a surface that is long lasting and durable, metal roofs are a popular choice in areas that get a large amount of snow fall. The smooth, nearly slick surface, encourages snow to slide off roofs, therefore eliminating the heavy weight that can be hazardous. Commercial roofing contractors frequently recommend this kind of roof choice since it comes with a long warranty and is available in nearly any color.
  • Asphalt roofs.
    This single shingle roofing material is one of the most popular in America. Part of the reason for its wide use is that this is a roofing material that is relatively inexpensive to install. In addition, it is known for its durability in a variety of weather conditions. Because of the single shingle application process it can be replaced in either small or large sections. The average asphalt roof lasts 12 to 20 years before it needs to be replaced.
  • Clay roof tiles.
    Although this roofing material can be used anywhere in the country, it is most frequently seen in the southwest as a defense against months of extremely high temperatures. And while a tile roof can be a costly investment, it has many benefits, including great curb appeal, durability, low maintenance, and safety. In colder temperatures, clay tiles have the tendency to crack or shatter during the freezing and thawing process.
  • Composite roofs.
    This popular single shingle product is available in a variety of colors and is installed in a variety of climates. Seen as an alternative to previously popular shake shingles, the composite roof often comes with a warranty that is 50 to 100 years in length.

Other Home Owner Considerations When Selecting a Roofing Material
While many home owners get to make their own roofing choices, 32% indicate that they given specific color palettes they are allowed to use on exterior features of their homes. A homeowner association may, for example, say that the entire neighborhood has to install shake shingles. In some neighborhoods, historical area requirements are in place.
In addition to subdivision requirements determining selections, some consumers have other priorities when they are selecting a housing product. The top requirement on three of every four home owners list is finding a roof that requires little to no maintenance.
Environmentally aware consumers, on the other hand, may look for a “green” product that will not spend hundreds of years disintegrating in a landfill once it is removed. For these customers, the recycled content of the steel in a metal roof is especially attractive because nearly 56% of the materials are able to move from production to installation to reuse. This is far superior to many of the older asphalt roofing materials.

Other customers are looking for a wise Return on Investment (ROI). For these home owners, any high quality roofing product that is installed by trusted roofing companies is an option. Roofs that come with lifetime warranties that transfer to new owners virtually guarantee a high ROI.
The best home owners understand the value of home maintenance. Roofing maintenance is one of the most important processes of this responsibility. Money spent on a new roof will increase the value of any home.

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