The Best Carports You Need

Carports can be great alternatives to building a garage or leaving your vehicles or other areas unprotected. The newest carports are also made of high-quality materials, require minimal maintenance, and are more eye-pleasing than carports of old.

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Many are installed over patios, dining areas, and hot tubs, bringing protection and elegance to those settings.
Carports provide physical protection from rain, hail, snow, tree sap, and other outdoor elements, and they dramatically reduce the damage resulting from exposure to the sun and UV light. Today’s carport roofs are available in steel, aluminum, polycarbonate, and other materials so that you can let some sunshine in or none at all. Each roof is rated to carry a certain amount of weight, so pay attention to the weight rating if you live in an area that experiences heavy snow.
Most carports are easy to assemble, with all parts predrilled or attached without nuts and bolts. Many will not rust or are rust-resistant. Aluminum, polycarbonate, and power-coated materials ensure the carports always look new while providing the integrity to withstand high winds. Available in sizes that can handle one or two vehicles, some designs only have posts on one side. The latter provides a striking design that suits patios or poolsides. The latest carports are far different from your grandfather’s carport and look great anywhere.

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