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Do you have terrazzo tiles in your home? Terrazzo tiles have been used in homes for over 1,500 years. Terrazzo is considered to be a composite material. It is made of marble, granite, quartz, glass or other chips. Venetian workers first developed this as a way to make flooring from the marble jobs they did at the time. They basically took the chips of marble and mixed them into a cement like mixture the poured in their own homes. It was considered to be a lower cost option for flooring. Terrazzo tiles now have embedded chips of marble and other sones in cement. There are specialty products and methods used in terrazzo tile cleaning.

How to Make Your Terrazzo Tiles Shine:

  1. Clean the tiles before you try to polish them. It is crucial that you thoroughly clean your terrazzo tiles before you do any polishing. The best way to do this is to a clean but damp mop, take a cleaner with a neutral pH (you can buy products designed for terrazzo tile cleaning) and clean your terrazzo tiles or surface. Mop everything until you have gotten rid of any dirt and dust that has accumulated on the surface. You can make sure you do to scratch the terrazzo surface by using a microfiber mop. The softer the mop you use is the better for the floor.
  2. When the terrazzo is totally clean and dry, you should apply a sealer. You can buy a special sealer for the terrazzo surface. You need to make sure the floor is completely dry before you start this step or even walk on the terrazzo tile. Spread on the terrazzo sealer with a special brush that is used only for this purpose. You can also use a floor roller to get the sealer on the floor. Put down a thin, even coat of the sealer. This will need to be left at least over night to thoroughly dry.
  3. Next you can buff the terrazzo. You can rent or buy a buffer. The main thing you need to remember when you buff you terrazzo tiles is that you need the softest pad you can find to do this job. There are special buffing pads that are made for terrazzo tiles. The pad should also be light in color so that you do not cause any discoloration of your terrazzo tiles.
  4. Apply a polishing powder. Use the buffer to get as much of your polishing powder into the surface of the terrazzo tiles. You will notice that the polishing powder forms a muddy mixture that looks a bit like a mess. This is what you want and means it is doing the job you want it to do. Your goal is to get as much of the powder into your tiles. You can also get products specially designed for terrazzo floor polishing.
  5. Finish your terrazzo tile cleaning with another wash. Take your mop from step one and some water and clean your terrazzo tiles again. Get all of the polishing powder that did not get into your tile. You can redo the polishing and buffing steps until your tile looks the way you want it to. With enough work and the right products, you can get the shine you want from your terrazzo tiles.

Terrazzo tile is very affordable, It costs from from $7 to about $10 for each square foot. It also uses a lot of recycled products. For terrazzo with glass, it can have 75% recycled materials and 100% of the glass in these tiles is recycled.

Terrazzo tiles are often used because they last a long time and are very attractive. Terrazzo floor cleaning is a bit different from some other tiles. You do not want to use traditional tile and grout cleaning services to take care of your terrazzo tiles or terrazzo flooring. Some of the traditional tile cleaning products are too harsh for terrazzo tiles. That is one reason there are products made specifically for terrazzo tile cleaning. The best news about this kind of tile is how long it will last and how it can be made into a wide variety of styles and patterns. Working with terrazzo tiles can give you an enormous amount of versatility.

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