Flushing Your Money Away How Household Leaks Can Contribute to Signfiicant Water Bills

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Every year, millions of Americans end up throwing their money away — not out of choice, mind you, but rather out of a neglect for their plumbing systems. Although modern plumbing and sewer lines have changed the very way we live our lives, many people neglect to have their sewer lines inspected regularly. Having your pipes checked out by a professional plumbing company annually can help locate leaks and stave off the need for costly plumbing repairs from unchecked plumbing systems.

Saving Money One Drip at a Time

Experts suggest that a majority of homeowners and businesses end up overpaying on their water bill due to seemingly minor leaks and drips in their plumbing system. Although the typical leaky faucet may appear innocent enough, research shows that a faucet that drips at a high rate of one drip per second has the potential to cost homeowners an additional 3,000 gallons of water every year. Moreover, other studies have shown that 20 to 35% of all residential toilets have some degree of leakage from improper installation, corrosion, or loosening over time. Pipes located in colder climates are also subject to damage: poorly insulated pipes can crack from water freezing within, causing leaks that can damage properties and cost homeowners additional water costs. By having these leaks addressed by a plumbing company, homeowners can save around 10% on their monthly water bills.

Sewer Troubles

Most people care not to think about where their sewage goes — unfortunately for some people sewer backflow turns this afterthought into an immediate concern. Not only is sewer backflow gross, the presence of pathogens harbored in sewer lines can actually cause residents to become sickened with the presence of chemicals, pathogens, and other contaminants. Nearly half of the 36,000 annual residential and commercial sewer overflows in the United States are caused by fat and oil buildups; the other half can be attributed to compromised sewer lines. Since clay plumbing pipes were widely used in the United States until the 1980s they are susceptible to corrosion and breaches from intruders. Tree roots have a tendency to penetrate these clay pipes in their search for water; homeowners must consider that tree root systems can extend horizontally two or three times the diameter of a tree’s canopy — even pipes that seem out of the way may be in danger of rooted menaces.

Sewer Repair and Replacement

Sewers are fickle things that be breached for months, years, or even decades without alerting the homeowner — having your sewer line inspected regularly can save you the need of contacting a plumbing repair company. Plumbing repair services advise homeowners with pipes older than 40 years old to schedule an inspection, as such clay pipes are likely to experience significant corrosion. Many homeowners dislike contacting plumbing services as they fear the inevitable damage that will be done to their yards from excavation; thankfully there are trenchless sewer repair and replacement methods that can significantly decrease the damage to one’s yard. A trenchless plumbing company needs only to dig a small access hole to get at the old pipe which is then used as a guide for the repair or replacement process. Since the process is more technologically reliant, a trenchless plumbing company costs around 130% to 150% more than a traditional plumbing company — despite this, many homeowners feel that they can save with these methods as they do not need to pay for costly landscaping fees. Consider having a plumbing company schedule an inspection to ensure that your home is not flushing away your hard-earned money.

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