Squirrels Can Destructively Take Over Spaces in and Near Your Home

The hole in the bird feeder was the final straw.

In the past, the squirrels in your backyard have eaten your bird food and gnawed on the deck posts. They have navigated the slippery and spinning PVC pipe that you installed in hopes of distracting the furry creatures from making their way out to the food that is intended for the feathered friends of the neighborhood. At their most adorable, these squirrels have played hour long games along and over the rails and posts of the backyard fence. At their most annoying, they have stared at you inside the kitchen window even when you have waved your arms and screamed at them to leave the bird food alone. The day that you found a squirrel splayed on the top of the bird house, however, you decided that enough was enough. The fact that at least this one furry friend was so brazen that he would chew a hole in the plastic lid of the feeder helped you make a decision you likely should have made months, if not years, earlier.

Calling a local animal and rodent removal company you finally began to inquire about the steps involved in a humane squirrel removal process. You have recently heard some disturbing scratching and scrambling above your head when you sleep at the night. In fact, you have feared for awhile that the plastic eating squirrel families will make their way into the attic. You have tried trimming the trees surrounding the house, but you know that these rodents have what appears to be extra powers when it comes to getting what they want.

Do You Have a Rodent Control Issue on Your Property?
Whether you are looking for an option for humane squirrel removal or you are dealing with another kind of rodent problem at your house, it is important to employ the help of a professional service. With the right tools and materials, in fact, these professionals can achieve more than you would ever be able to achieve on your own.

Perhaps one of the reasons that you may need to rely on professionals when it comes to squirrels is that they practice what is known as deceptive caching. Because squirrels may lose up to 25% of their buried nuts to thieves. they often pretend to bury food to throw thieving critters off the scent of the hoard they has buried. This same ingenuity, or some might say stupidity, might be what leads squirrels to be so destructive. Whether you are dealing with a simply annoying problem of squirrels eating your bird food or you are dealing with a far more complicated problem of squirrels in the attack, it is important that you find a humane squirrel removal service to help with your problems.

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