Can Remodeling Improve Your Quality Of Living?

Remodeling has become imperative to most homeowners. In the U.S alone $303 billion was spent on home improvement products during 2017. Homes are constantly undergoing changes to appeal to the design build that’s in current circulation. Remodeling gives people a sense of control over their environment and how it appeals to their senses—the concept of remodeling is considered the fabric of design build projects.

What Are The Most Popular Home Remodeling Projects?

Bathroom renovations: More homeowners prefer smaller scale renovations instead of traditional general home remodeling that could take upwards to a year to finish. On average, a mid-range bathroom renovation cost approximately $19,000 while a more upscale remodeling can be upwards of $61,000. Smaller repairs are also much more cost-effective to those within a budget and provide a great sense of comfort and value to their home.

Kitchen remodeling: The cost of kitchen renovations is typically costly and excessive in its various enhancements and designs allocated to achieve the perfect look. In 2016, the National Association of Home Builders said kitchens were the most common renovation (81%) while bathrooms placed in second (80%), home renovations in third, and room additions (especially master bedrooms) came in fourth. However, most millennials still desire to create a kitchen that brings their wildest dreams to reality—cost-effective renovation options allow for more homeowners to redo their kitchens without breaking the bank.

Window and Door replacements: Windows and doors are considered the most fragile things in a home. They have a high-risk level of sustaining damage with a high cost to match, leading many homeowners to take additional precautionary measures to protect their investment. But, even though their high-risk, window and door replacements are popular for the various options remodeling companies provide to ensure homeowners safety.

Repairing property damage: Property damage is never ideal for any homeowner, thankfully design build options offer services in improving damages and other renovations that will create a sturdier foundation to decrease the changes of property damage.

House remodeling: As the number of homeowners increase, so does the number of house remodelings. According to statistics reported by the U.S Census Bureau, nearly 30% of remodeling was due to major additions and alterations, while 40% consisted of minor additions and alterations, and the other 30% required maintenance and repairs.

Room additions:Remodeling contractors are well-versed in the area of room additions because many opt to increase the size of their home for both investment and aesthetic purposes, which increases their sales price in the long run. Statistics taken from the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University estimated Americans to spend nearly $340 billion Design build options are abundant when considering room additions, because of their popularity and versatility of design. When planning to make an additive to your home, it’s important to factor in the room’s intended use and the amount of space required to create their ideal environment.

Basement: A basement renovation is an upcoming favorite project that most homeowners are beginning to focus on because of its spacious area. For a basement to qualify as a functional living space, a basement must meet certain legal criteria for regulations. (i.e., safe escape and exit or entry to said escape areas) Converting or renovating a basement allows for additional room to be used for various purposes, namely extra living space, entertainment, and storage area that would otherwise be unavailable to homeowners.
Pools: Swimming is rapidly becoming a favorite hobby in the U.S, which accounts for the sudden spike in backyard pools. Pools have nearly tripled in popularity in comparison to their earlier years, making design build an effective method for homeowners who want to take a dip in the comfort of their backyard.

What Are The Best Areas For Remodeling?

Remodeling is a skill that many have acquired over the years, because of its sheer popularity with people. However, certain regions have a specific skill set, such as Portland, Oregon where remodeling companies specialize in design build for homes in a need for a new look. Design build Portland offers quality services to homeowners with all inquiries—whether in search of minor or major renovations, their services is made for people from all walks of life with cost-effectiveness in mind.

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