Replacing Roofing Shingles

Do you have some damage or leaking with your roof? This video explains how to do a DIY roof repair on roofing shingles. Replacing roofing shingles is simple but needs to be done correctly to prevent leaking or further damage. Be careful when getting up to the roof.

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First step is to break the seal strip on the surrounding shingles. Easiest thing to use is a putty knife to get underneath the shingle and break the strip. Then you have to pry out the nails or staples that is keeping the shingles in place. Sometimes you have to remove two sets of nails to get a set of shingles out. Then cut out the section of shingle you need to replace the damaged pieces. Set it in place and reattach the nails to hold them in place.

Homeowner’s insurance is designed to cover most types of roofing damage that has unforeseen or unpreventable causes. Missing shingles are a common type of damage that can result in significant water damage. The most common causes of shingles falling off include high winds, owners walking on their roofs, a poor shingle installation job, shingles getting too told, and hail. Check on your roof shingles periodically to ensure your roof is remaining of quality.


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