How to Install Siding On Your House

For installing siding onto your home, you want to be sure you get advice online or from experts who have done the job themselves. Obtain all the correct material and equipment, and you can side a house all by yourself.

The first step to siding is by marking out all the stud locations in the foundation, and then mark up the windows with a marker in order to line up all the trim. You want to be sure you take measurements for the trim for proper sizing of the siding as well.

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You can then nail in the wood trim and also create the trim piece for any outdoor outlets that may exist by marking an outline so you know where to cut.

After that, you can create a starter strip for your siding to be nailed in to make sure the angle of the first piece is correct. Using clamps to hold the siding in place is important for doing the job by yourself, and continue adding the layers of siding. Follow the rest of the tips in this video for a complete install that is secure.

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