If you are a parent or homeowner, there are a number of things you might want to keep in mind before picking out paint for your house. Finding the right color, brand, finish, and more is very important and, depending on what you are painting, you need to find kinds that will not affect the health of people inside of the home.

For example, homeowners might be on the search for baby safe paint for cribs, odorless paint, or the ideal paint for wooden floors. No matter what you need, there are options out there for you. Learn more about staying safer with paint below.

VOCs, PGEs, and Your Children

Many paints and cleaners contain something called propylene glycol and glycol ethers, or PGEs, and they are also known for emitting volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Based on evidence and professional research, these substances have shown to be harmful to children. It is important to find baby safe paint for cribs, toddler furniture, and other items in your child’s room.

If you child has problems with allergies, they could suffer even more. One of Sweden’s Dampness in Buildings and Health studies showed that exposure to PGEs nearly doubled the chance of developing even more sensitivity to allergens. This same study showed that children with high levels of PGE in their bedrooms had an increased risk of experiencing asthma, eczema, and rhinitis.

Keeping Low VOC Levels in Your Home

Flooring that is over a year old should have little to no VOCs left in it, so if this is the boat you are in, do not worry yourself too much. That being said, if you are starting a new project on your floors, look for floor paint that is VOC-free to avoid exposure at all costs.

Have people with chemical sensitivities in your home? Then, you will want to be especially careful, as VOC levels of 500 ppb or higher could trigger some serious issues. All in all, it is about keeping your home safer, and you will not need to compromise the aesthetic of your living space either.

There are lots of low VOC paints, eco friendly primers, and more out there, all of which give you the strong colors and long-lasting results you deserve.

So, don’t put it off any longer. If you have a new vision for your living space, you can get started right away with products that work well for you. Stay away from companies that like to keep ingredients hidden, do your research, find baby safe paint for cribs, and in no time you will find the perfect fit for your home. Get started today!

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