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Military moving, especially a long distance military move, can be stressful, both emotionally and financially. However, if you are in the military and are moving there are several things you will want to consider when planning your military move. First of all, military moving is financed by the military. Under the military DITY (do it yourself) program service members can receive reimbursement up to 100 percent of the Government Constructive Cost (GCC), if they hire their own movers, or an incentive payment of 95 percent of the GCC, if they move the property on their own. Authorized methods of DITY moving include personally owned vehicles (POV), privately owned trailers, hiring a commercial moving company, “you load, they drive” services, and shipment via parcel post. After you have finished a DITY move, you have 45 days to submit a claim for full payment of your DITY allowance.To figure out the financial specifics of military moving, it can be helpful to utilize a DITY move calculator.

However, it is crucial to note that during a DITY move, any loss or damage that occurs is considered to be the result improper packing or handling on the part of the service member or the handling company. The Government, therefore, is not liable for any loss or damages that occur during a personally procured move. In order to minimize the change of loss or damaged property during your military DITY move you will want to be sure to never send items of value with the movers. This includes items of sentimental value, credit cards, cash, or highly fragile items. During you military moving, you will want to pack these items to travel with you. Or, alternatively, you can also mail them to your military moving destination via a trackable shipping service. Overall, a DITY is a great option for military moving, from both a financial standpoint and emotional standpoint, as military DITY move lets the service member and his or her family stay in control of the entire moving process.

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