How a Simple Catch Basin Insert Could Enhance a Project

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Since 1990, after the Clean Water Act of 1987 and its rigid restrictions was enacted, much has been done by the federal government to require controls when any construction or other projects involve an impact on stormwater systems. These development projects for years plagued the waterways that surrounded this development, polluting waterways and contributing poorly to an already damaged ecosystem. The restrictions the U.S. government has placed on construction companies and others is all in an effort to protect these waterways, thereby reducing pollution and protecting the environment.

One such way that these restrictions can be met is through a catch basin insert, which is a storm drainage tool that traps sediment and dirt from a project before it can get to a waterway, thereby saving it from pollution. Through this stormwater drainage solution, a project could keep up with the restrictions placed on it without having to implement full fledged systems to keep stormwater filters in place. With a simple catch basin insert, 98.31 percent of grease, fats, and oils can come out of the water and never make it to these waterways.

With a catch basin insert installed a component of an effective stormwater pollution prevention solution, a project’s managers could enhance productivity without missing a beat or causing any project delays. Installing a catch basin insert is simple and effective, and paying for a catch basin insert is not something that will cause any project manager to default on a loan. The costs are low compared to the benefits received.

Having a catch basin insert of course is an easy step, and so is implementing a drop inlet spillway, which is a mechanical system that lowers water through a pipe or box structure. It benefits project managers too because when water enters the drop inlet spillway, it is entirely contained and is kept away from any other water. Plus, it does not depend at all on local soil conditions to provide resistance against erosion, making it as effective and viable a solution as installing a catch basin insert.

Stormwater treatment options are pretty much mandatory for project managers, so they might as well choose ones that protect against nonpoint source pollution. This means pollution and contamination is coming in from different sources and can be the result of an accumulation of contaminants that were brought together from one larger area. Through installing a catch basin insert and performing other preventive measures, a project could see success.

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