Learn How To Waterproof a Roof By Following These Steps

Flat roofs are less expensive than sloped roofs, but they do not let water roll down the sides like a sloped roof. Since the cost of a new roof can go well into the five figures, waterproofing your roof is essential to extending the roof’s life. This Old House looks at how to waterproof a flat roof.

You will need to walk about on your roof, which is dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you have never been on your roof before, don’t risk it.

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Call a residential or commercial roof repair service to waterproof your roof.

If you are familiar with working on your rooftop, then you can weatherproof your roof with rubber sheeting. You first need to prep your roof by nailing down wooden frames along the edges. The rest of your roof will be covered with ISO board, which acts as insulation. It gets fastened with screws and washers every few inches. Lay glue on the ISO board and the rubber sheeting.

When laying the rubber sheeting down, make sure it hangs a little over the edges. This helps make sure water rolls off of the roof. It also prevents wind blowing water under the rubber sheeting.You can hide the edge of the rubber sheeting with a metal drip edge. After the sheeting and drip edge is secured, add flashing of uncured rubber to the drip edge. Any joints need to be caulked.

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