Is it Time to Have your Air Conditioner Checked? Three Signs to Know for Sure

As the temperatures climb this summer, it’s easy to want to do nothing more than lie in front of the air conditioning with a cold drink. Be careful, though: unexpected energy bills can creep up on you if you’re still using an outdated or inefficient air conditioner. Here are three signs that it’s time to have your ac unit checked by your local HVAC service.

When in doubt, have your AC Unit inspected and cleaned once a year.

HVAC service experts agree that an air conditioner should be checked at least once a year for buildup of dust and dirt. Even if the unit is running perfectly, an HVAC service team can replace your air filter and suggest ways to increase the longevity of your ac unit.

Ask about switching to an energy-efficient AC Unit

If your energy bills are exceptionally high at the times when you run your air conditioner, it may be time to invest in a more energy-efficient model. High-efficiency air conditioners could actually reduce your energy use by up to 50% if coupled with other energy-saving behaviors, like keeping windows closed while the ac unit is running during the day and opening them again at night. Experts recommend consulting with an expert through your HVAC service to find an EPA-certified air conditioner to install in your home.

If your AC Unit seems too loud, it probably is.
While there is no silent air conditioning unit, modern air conditioners are relatively quiet and unobtrusive. The most efficient air conditioning units today emit around 40 decibels/a>–about the volume of a quiet conversation. If your air conditioner is regularly making enough noise to interrupt your daily activities, it’s time to talk to your local HVAC service about installing a more efficient system.

During the summer months, air conditioning should be the last thing that you have to worry about. Taking some time to change your air filter, to research efficient ac units, and installing the best fit in the springtime or early summer can save you from unwanted noise, uneven air, and rising energy costs later on.

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