How to Reglaze and Refinish a Bathtub

This video is all about the differences between refinishing a re-glazing and how professional bathtub refinishing can help you achieve a clean and new bathtub.
Regardless of whether you hire a professional to refinish your tub or do it yourself, all of the work is done on location. While the resin coating is being placed, all of the surrounding materials, such as tile and flooring, are masked off and left in place.

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Aside from the fact that refinishing does not deliver the same effects as installing a new tub or liner, refinishing is an excellent option for bathrooms that aren’t used every day or for those who don’t want to spend money on a new tub or liner.
Re-glazing is a technical term for the final and most important phase in tub restoration: the application of a professional coating. Buffing, filling, and smoothing the surface of a bathtub are all necessary steps before applying a fresh coat of paint or glaze coating as the final seal and finish.
When it comes to restoring a bathtub, the term “refinishing” usually encompasses all three steps: repairs, resurfacing, and glazing. When describing a project from beginning to end, it’s common to use the phrase “complete.”
With the assistance of professional bathtub refinishing, this process becomes easier. For more details, you must watch the video.

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