Air conditioning system not cooling house service

In this video, you will learn how air conditioner repairs work and why the air conditioning system is not cooling house service. It is possible that your air conditioner may stop working if a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker is the problem.
While a professional technician will be needed to address many issues with your air conditioner repairs, we’ve found that a homeowner can occasionally cure minor issues by troubleshooting.

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First, it’s essential to examine the condenser if your air conditioner won’t start. Thermostat settings should be correct, and the device plugged in.
You may have a filthy or clogged air condenser if your air conditioner turns on and your thermostat is adjusted correctly, but your system does not excellent. Ensure that the airflow from the exterior unit is not impeded by weeds or debris.
Your cooling system should be large enough to keep your house cool on a typical summer day. The standard procedure should sustain a temperature differential of 20-25 degrees between the outside and inside environments. If it’s 95 degrees outside, your air conditioner isn’t going to keep your house cool.
A compressor or refrigerant issue may be the cause of your air conditioners inability to chill air, in which case you should call a technician.

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