How to Install an Arch Kit

Have you ever considered changing your doorway into an archway? If so, did you know you can buy an arch kit and do it yourself? The Youtube video “DIY Remodel: How to Install and Drywall an Arch Kit” shows how you can use the Universal Arch Kit to get the beautiful home you have always wanted. Let’s find out more!

Contractors might have kept the Universal Arch Kit a secret for many years. Nowadays, anyone can turn their doorways into an archway themselves because it’s being sold to the general public.

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Additionally, the kit includes step-by-step instructions that make the process even easier. However, you can also learn how to install it right here.

First, you’ll need to measure down 18 inches from the top of your doorway or opening and make a marking across the wall. Now, measure another 18 inches from the side of the doorway to the middle and mark that top part as well. With the help of a utility saw, cut through the drywall where you made the mark. Cut through to the corner as well.

You can check the rest of the video for more details about installing an arch kit.

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