How Landscape Lighting Enhances the Beauty and Security of a Home

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Outdoor lighting for gardens, terraces, backyards, decks and patios can enhance the beauty and security of a home. By blending with landscape features and natural elements, it can provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Landscape path lighting and architectural outdoor lighting fixtures also add to the resale value of the home. Lighting can be used to create the right atmosphere for any event, from lively parties to quiet evenings with a glass of wine.

Outdoor lighting design for gardens and yards
Architectural outdoor lighting fixtures can blend with the natural beauty of the surroundings and highlight their appeal. They also serve a practical purpose in providing safety in security for the home and its inhabitants. Custom lights for walkways and patios also increase their functionality, allowing homeowners and guests to use these areas after dark.
Area lights for pools and patios increase living and entertaining space. Parties, BBQs and small dinner groups are all much more fun with outdoor lights that add to the mystique of the event. Lighted walkways extend the functionality of the space by making it possible to use after dark. Especially in a house with children or seniors, outdoor lighting improves safety and reduces the risk of falls and other accidents.

Benefits of landscape lighting
As well as enhancing the beauty of the landscape and adding living space to any home, landscape lighting has many more practical benefits. As a home improvement project, it offers a high return on investment. When homeowners think of improving their outdoor spaces, the majority or 54% have their backyards in mind. Architectural outdoor lighting fixtures are a decorative and practical home improvement project with many benefits.
Landscaping can add up to 14% to the value of a home. This is why the vast majority, or 90% of realtors, advise home sellers to improve the landscaping when putting a house on the market. Adding lighting features to landscape design is a simple and practical way to add value and functionality to any home.

Landscaping design with lights
Adding architectural outdoor lighting fixtures to gardens and yards can be used to highlight the beauty of various elements: plants, shrubs, trees, pools and architectural features like gazebos, trellises, seating and arches. There?s almost nothing in the world as soothing as lights reflected in water, with the gentle ripples creating a twinkling effect.
Lights can be used to create an atmosphere, for anything from parties to quiet walks or just to create a space to unwind or meditate. Colored or twinkling lights are right for a party, and candle-like accents for quiet times. Lights can be chosen to match the furniture or plantings. Dimmers and timers can be used to achieve the exact type and amount of lighting for every occasion.

Adding architectural outdoor lighting fixtures to gardens and other outdoor spaces can extend and transform their functioning quite dramatically. With minor changes in type and intensity of lighting, the right atmosphere can be created for practically any occasion.

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