Filtering the Water in Your Home

Whole house water filter

Studies have found that up to fifteen percent of public and forty percent of private water supplies are contaminated with at least one form of bacteria. The EPA regulates over 80 different types of water contaminants including bacteria, heavy metals and chemical pollutants. Many water sources are treated with chlorine and fluoride which can cause health issues. By installing an American Plumber water filter system to your home, you can be sure that the water coming from your taps is healthy for your family.

Water filtration systems can take many forms. There are whole house water filters, under sink filters, and in line filters found in refrigerators with water or ice dispensers. The filtration action from American Plumber water filters also changes depending on the application and contaminates. Pentek water filters and Omni water filters provide fine filtering through layers of either carbon, charcoal or ultra fine mesh. American plumber water filters can also be installed to destroy viral water contaminants. Whole house filters configured to kill viruses and bacteria have a UV component generally as well as a physical filter. Test or have your water tested to find out what kind of filter would be best for your home.

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