Drought Resistant Grass Seed

When to plant grass

Abraham Lincoln was the founder and builder of an industrial suburb known as Levittown and wrote that nothing contributes to the beauty of a home like a well kept lawn. An alternative to collecting grass clippings while you mow is simply leaving them as is so that they can be recycled as much. The Seattle Public Utilities performed a study that found the economic impact related to sustained lawn practices saves around seventy five dollars per house a year. A good way to help keep your yard in tip top shape is by simply leaving grass clipping after you mow so they turn into mulch and also by sprinkling lawn seed over the surface a couple times a year to establish new growth. Those that live in hotter areas with little rainfall can purchase drought resistant grass seed that needs little moisture to flourish.

Aerating your lawn should be performed once a year in the spring to bring more oxygen to the soil. Too much watering can discourage deep root growth which is absolutely vital for the health of your lawn. Homeowners wanting to purchase grass seed should browse from the many different types of grass seeds currently on the market. The internet is great for reading detailed descriptions and purposes for each particular type of seed so that you can get the one best suited for the climate you live in. Read what others are saying about different brands of grass seed and further make an informed decision on which brand will be optimal for your yard.

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