Describing Precise Tension Load Cells

What are precise tension load cells? They are actually not that hard to understand. In fact, you probably use them without even realizing it. Home weight scales use these precise tension load cells.

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This video describes exactly what they are and what they do.

Firstly, it is a force gauge with a transducer. There are four types. These types are pneumatic, hydraulic, strain gauge, and capacitance. A pneumatic load cell consists of air supply and an air regulator. It uses this pressurized air to balance out the weight and therefore determine how much the object weighs. The hydraulic load cell is similar, but it uses fluid instead of air. It consists of a piston, diaphragm, and pressure gauge. Next, the strain gauge uses a transducer that changes electrical resistance when under strain. This allows items to be weighed depending on the strain. Finally, we have the capacitive load cell. It is made up of two flat plates that have current going through them. The load pushes the plates together which changes the capacitance which determines the weight. As you can see, though there are many types of precise tension load cells, they are actually not that complicated.


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