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Honey bees pollinate about 80% of all plants in the world. Populations have crashed due to pesticides, habitat loss, climate change, and illness. Still, knowing all this makes it difficult not to call a bee exterminator whenever your home or yard erupts with a swarm.

Swarming is a normal part of bee behavior. They do it before setting up a hive. A bee-infested tree is hard to miss, as bees will thickly cover a trunk or branch. Bees also swarm under eaves, in attics, telephone poles, inside chimneys, and other inconvenient places. Since bee populations are so low, wouldn’t it be great if someone could deal with your bee issues without killing the bees?

Instead of getting an exterminator, check for “bee infestation removal near me” to find someone to perform a beehive rescue. Many beekeepers will remove bees from your property for free, although some charge. It is polite to give a beekeeper a donation to at least cover the gas to get to your home. Check out a list of these beekeepers on the web pages of the American Beekeeping Federation and Pollinator Partnership. Some beekeepers will only remove honey bees and not other species like carpenter bees, which look very different from honey bees.


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