Backup Generator Installation Explained

People choose to install a new backup generator for a wide range of reasons. This video from Better Power gives a quick “how to” on generator installation for the popular Generac generator. Some of the valuable tips you will find in this video can be applied to the installation of any model generator.

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For example, there is information about picking the proper site for your generator installation that applies to every type of generator, not just Generac.

As aforementioned, the first step in the installation is to pick a site for the generator. This site should be easy to access, close to the power source, and allow for unimpeded airflow. When choosing the perfect site, it is best to avoid installing too close to the outdoor HVAC system.

The video discusses gas installation, specifically LP gas installation and takes the viewer through the step-by-step process of hooking up the electrical wiring. Better Power offers a full inventory of accessories that can simplify generator installation, including a “gen pad”. This gen pad is used for installation rather than pouring a concrete pad. This is a highly informative video that anyone getting ready to install a backup generator should watch.

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