A Guide to Electric Water Heater Installation

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Electric water heaters are great for many homeowners, but they don’t last forever. Homeowners need to be prepared to repair or replace the water heaters if things go wrong. Usually, it’s best to hire professionals to handle a full water heater installation, but you may be able to identify the problem. This video shows some of the things you can do if your water heater is not working.

If your water heater isn’t working properly, check your water pressure on the outside valve. If it is between 50 and 60, your water pressure is ok. If it’s above, you can lower it by getting a pressure-reducing valve and expansion tank. Water heater contractors can help you find and install the right solution.

If there is water on the floor or your water is not warming up, it indicates that you need a new water heater. Check the label on your current water heater to get the size and power output of the water heater. Use this information to find the perfect replacement.

It’s best to work with a water heater service to properly and safely replace your water heater. If you’re looking for a high-quality water heater service for your home, click on the link in the intro above.

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